We snuck up north for a little roadtrip - just the 4 of us. We took a pitstop in Banff on our way to Jasper and it did not disappoint! Jasper is a place I have always wanted to explore but it also always seems to have snowflakes in it's forecast... 👎 Since we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, we decided to make it happen!

We bought a used trailer this summer thanks to the pressures of trying to find fun amidst COVID and after 8 consecutive weekend trips with family and friends, we made this one our own. I honestly can't recall the last time we have done a little getaway with just our crew. Felt so good! Jason worked on the road, the girls were dreamy and I'm pretty sure my eyes see a little more vivid thanks to those bright icy blues! Every stop we snagged an adventurous, cheesy, unneccessary bumper sticker for our car and Remi's power wheel jeep. Might regret those later...


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